FSNYC December Networking at Living Concrete

Food Systems Network NYC had their December holiday/networking event on the penultimate day of the show. Nevin and Radhika gave a short presentation about the show.

A new and late addition to the gallery was an end of year printmaking project related to food and recipes.

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The University and Urban Agriculture

(l-r) Mark G. Robson, Rutgers; Pam Koch, Teachers College; Josh Viertel, Slow Food USA; Jaime Stein, Pratt Institute; William Solecki, CUNY; Marion Nestle, NYU; Fabio Parasecoli, The New School

Fifth Graders Explore Gallery

On November 22nd, fifth graders at P.S. 110, The Florence Nightingale School, visited Living Concrete/Carrot City with teachers Trac Vu and Samantha Levine.  The students investigated the exhibition to complete an assignment on urban agriculture and sustainability.

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Watertables 2010: Dinner at the exhibition

On November 11, students in the Product Design Program, directed by Robert Kirkbride, hosted a one-of-a-kind dinner, Watertables 2010, for 30 guests at the exhibition. Vegetables were bought at the Greenmarket, cooked and prepared, plated and served by performers in smocks they had sewn and on tables and trays they had designed and built. As one of the guests remarked, it is rare that one not only knows where the food came from but also who made the plates and tables on which one is eating!
Sprawl: Colony, a sound installation composed by Melissa Grey was performed live. Lightboxes featured food-centred student projects.
Guests were asked to pose a question or problem that could be addressed by students in the 24 hour Population Slam that followed the day after the dinner.

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Media, Advocacy and Dialogue

Andy Smith, food writer and NS faculty member, led a conversation among Ian Cheney (Truck Farm), Katy Keiffer (Heritage Radio), Gabrielle Langholtz (Edible Brooklyn/Manhattan), Tom Grace (food marketing) and Erin Fairbanks (Milano).

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Innovations in Urban Agriculture

John Ameroso, urban agriculture pioneer, moderates a discussion with Stacey Murphy (BK Farmyards), Ben Flanner (Brooklyn Grange), Mary Seton Corboy (Greensgrow) and Erika Allen (Growing Power).

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Creative Action and Everyday Urban Agriculture

Co-curator Radhika Subramaniam introduces the panel on Creative Action and Everyday Urban Agriculture.  From L-R: Jean Gardner, Domenic Vitiello, Tatfoo Tan, Eve Mosher, and Laura DeLind.

Politics of Urban Agricuture

Linda Goode-Bryant (EATS), Nancy Romer (Brooklyn Food Coalition/Bklyn College), Marcel van Ooyen (GrowNYC) and Tom Angotti (CUNY) were the presenters. Nevin Cohen led them and the audience in an active question and answer session.

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Urban Agriculture: Perspectives from Toronto

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Nature, Culture and Design

Students of Parsons Professor Jean Gardner engage in a group discussion exploring project installations in the Living Concrete exhibition.

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